Tuesday, 22 November 2016

25 Facts About Me

This is me and I just thought I'd do a little post to help you get to know me a little better, I saw this circling around youtube and thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Having a chilled Tuesday night with a glass of lime cordial and a belly full of chicken pie and chips and I'm ready to get going, so lets go.

  1. Full name - My full name is Jessica Ann Hayes 
  2. Zodiac sign - Libra but I have heard that they've changed recently so I think that makes me a virgo, although I could be wrong
  3. 3 Fears - Starting this one a little morbid, I'm terrified of dying, I have a loving family and partner and the thought of losing it is such a horrible feeling, I know I wouldn't be here to know any different but you know... My second fear is confined spaces, I panic.. a lot. Last but not least is spiders, they make my skin crawl, although I'm getting better and can now move them myself... with a glass, not my bare hands. 
  4. 3 things I love - Lipstick, Joe says I have too many but of course I disagree, I also love dogs and cuddling up to them, playing with them and seeing their cute little face get excited when you walk through the door, and the last thing I love is my job, it's challenging working within a nursery but it's also very rewarding and seeing how you help children develop... worth all the stress.
  5. My best friend - Joe of course!
  6. Last song I listened to - Olly Murs - Grow up
  7. 4 Turns ons - Being kind even just holding the door open for you, a gentleman, light touches just to remind you they're still there and being tidy both within yourself and where you live. Joe's still working on keeping tidy... 
  8. 4 Turn offs - Being rude, negativity, swearing (Joe!!) and bad breath, it's just a no.
  9. What colour underwear I'm wearing right now - Blue
  10. How many tattoos/piercings I have - I have my ears pierced and three little tattoos, a chinese symbol on the left wrist which means family and then one on either arm above my ditch with mo mom/dad's birth date in roman numerals.
  11. The reasons why I started a blog - Somewhere to write, think, my own space.
  12. How I feel right now - Great actually, I'm on top of the world and very happy.
  13. Something I really, really want - Everyone who knows me knows that we're saving for a house and I'm so excited. 
  14. My current relationship status - Happily engaged. 
  15. Meaning behind my URL - I'm not very creative so just stuck to my name... Boring I know.
  16. My favourite movie - The holiday and my all time favourite - Shrek!
  17. My favourite songs - She will be loved, will always be an all time favourite.
  18. My favourite bans - beginning to like Little Mix a little more...
  19. 3 things that upset me - Seeing dogs strolling the streets on their own, seeing elderly people without any family, my moms tears
  20. 3 things that make me happy - I absolutely love to bake, especially when people enjoy what I've made, also making others happy and seeing a smile on their face and last but not least, spending time with loved ones
  21. What I find attractive in other people - Main one if being able to make me laugh, from day one Joe's made me laugh, even when we argue it ends in laughter.
  22. Someone I miss - My Grandad and Great Nan, I would do anything for one more conversation with them.
  23. Someone I love - I can't simply name one, family are everything.
  24. My relationship with my parents - We have a very good, honest, open relationship and I hope in the future that I have the same with my children.
  25. My favourite holiday - I love going to Weymouth, so many memories, but I also want to go back to Skegness sometime, me and Joe had such a good time for my 21st.
There we have it, 25 things about me! Maybe some time I could do another 25, sooner rather than later? We shall see!

See you soon, Jess xx

Monday, 14 November 2016

I'm A Little Late...

My original plan was to upload this just after my birthday... It's now exactly a month since my birthday... Oops, time got a bit away from me there.

Well for my birthday, which was the big 2 1, Joe booked for us to go Skegness for a few days, this was also my first time on a train so I was a little less than terrified... πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

I thought I'd leave my pictures from our mini break here, for memories and somewhere for me to look back and smile... Be prepared there's a lot of posing for the camera and silly faces, but we had the best time and such lovely quality time together, just what we needed.

We had the best time and loved exploring, our hotel was quite a walk away from everything so it's safe to say our legs and feet were sore, but we did lots of walking to make up for all the calories eaten with greasy food and ice cream! (Joe also vapes a lot, hence the clouds in some pictures!)

Sunday, 14 August 2016

GHD Platinum.

I think this may be a new record for me... Second week in a row with a new post!! Yay for effort! Lol, I'm lame I know.

Them Sunday blues are starting to kick in already, the dreaded thoughts of having to get up early to an alarm the next day ready for work, luckily I break up for a week on Friday; we have no plans whatsoever but everyone needs a break, right? I certainly do anyway, it has been far too long since my last one!

Anywaaaaay, back to the whole point of this post; GHD Platinum Hair Straighteners. I've always been very very loyal to the brand Babyliss, every hair electronic that I have owned, has always been one of theirs, until recently after years of using their straighteners I realised that my hair just isn't staying straight throughout the day and it takes far longer than it should to straighten it on a morning.

My first thoughts were "noooo please don't tell me my beloved straighteners are on there way out" *sob* but enough was enough, I refuse to spend longer than needed straightening my hair for work especially when it wasn't even lasting throughout the day.

So my lovely partner Joe treated me to a pair of GHD Platinum Hair Straighteners, growing up I was always made to believe that these frazzle and damage your hair so I was a little naΓ―ve to have all that money spent on something that ruins my hair.

Oh boy was I wrong; they are genuinely the best straighteners I have ever used... and I've probably used more than your average person. They glide through your hair with no tugging and leave your hair as straight as a ruler. They're a little chunkier than previous straighteners that I have owned but I'm quickly getting used to that and adjusting to the change.

I also had a quick little go at curling a few pieces of hair with them to see if they measure up to the standards previously set by other straighteners... Once again they do not disappoint.

They have a little built in light around the on/off switch which lights up once you turn them on, it even sings a little song for you when you turn them on/off.

Normally I'd go for a black finish, but for some reason something has been drawing me away from black recently, from clothes to bags to well, straighteners. They had the option of either black, white or pink, so I chose white. (Plus is matches my bedroom lol, told you I was lame) They also come with a little heatproof guard they you place over the plates for travelling and storage purposes.

I also ordered the GHD Heat Protectant to work alongside these to help protect my hair, because truth is, it doesn't matter too much about the brand or electronic, it's how you protect your hair against the heat that they give, and these lovelies and going to be in my every day routine for a long while now and I'm so glad I finally gave up my 6-7 year old Babyliss straighteners.

See you soon!

Jess xx

Sunday, 7 August 2016

All Things Osmo Hair Care.

I would say my hair is about short-medium in length after I recently had it cut shorter, but I would like it just that bit longer (or shorter... Still can't decide!). So I do love trying out new products in the quest for healthy strong locks, as my hair is very fragile and prone to breakages. 

Osmo are a company I haven't really heard that much about, until I was in the hairdressers having my hair blow dried when I got a whiff of a lovely light fragrance; once I asked my hairdresser what it was she revealed it was the 'Osmo Wonder 10 Leave-In Treatment' she swears by it and uses it on an every day occurrence for both herself and her clients. 

What Osmo say about their Leave-In Treatment; "It's Wonderful... Wonder 10 is a unique all-in-one spray in Keratin based treatment with 10 wondrous effects. Designed to leave hair feeling softer, silkier, and more manageable with a radiant shine. 

10 Effects:
-Helps repair dry and damaged hair
-Nourishes and protects or radiant shine
-Thermal protection from styling tools
-Delivers soft, silky, more manageable results
-Contains colour protection complex
-Creates body and movement 
-Incredible detangler
-Aids in the prevention of static
-Conditions both natural and synthetic hair 
-Smooths split ends and controls frizz"

I love the packaging it comes in, the black on the purple is very professional looking and stands out against other hair products. 

The next product from their range that I've been loving recently is the Berber Oil Hair Treatment. What they say? "A luxurious, intensely nourishing Argan Oil infused hair treatment designed to breathe new life into tired, dull, lack lustre locks. 

-Helps strengthen and repair the hair for noticeable, more manageable results
-The unique blend of oils includes the renowned Argan Oil, a powerful antioxidant providing intense nourishment and hydration
-The Vitamin E enriched formula reduces drying time and offers increased control
-Contains UV filters for protection against sun damage."

The oil is a pretty baby pink colour and the smell is hard to describe, but it is a pleasant, divine smell. 

Last but not least is the Intensive Deep Repair Mask, this hair mask makes my hair so so soft! It gives that, fresh out the salon feel; the smell isn't something that I'd pick out but it's certainly not unpleasant. 
What they say "Deep nourishing treatment helps restore moisture and elasticity leaving hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable 

-Intensive hydrating hair treatment mask to restore moisture balance 
-Extract of Jojoba adds shine, manageability and smoothies the cuticles 
-Patchouli Oil helps to tame frizz and improve the health of the scalp
-Ylang Ylang soothes the hair while controlling excess sebum production
-Moisturises without weighing hair down"

Overall, I am very happy with each of my purchases and they have certainly helped with the strength, shine and growth of my hair, I'm still her to try them individually (other than the oil) but I'm sure I'll still love them just as much!

Jess xx

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Feeling Insecure.

Hey there... It's been a while since I've had ago at this blogging malarky, feeling a bit odd writing things down now...

I've been debating for a while now getting back into blogging but finding the time is quite difficult; then on top of that I've been feeling so down and insecure recently and branching myself out into such a wide audience which is the blogging community may not be the best idea for my current mind state. 

Although as I start feeling more myself and happier I will be (hopefully) relaunching my blog and having all new content and layout. Excited!! 

See you all soon πŸ˜‰
Jess xx