Sunday, 8 October 2017

6 Months On...

Hello there number 16, can you believe that it has nearly been a whole six months since we moved in?! (well, on the 29th October it's been 6 months) and as we love our little home sooo much we've decided what better way to celebrate the end of our tenancy than to renew it for another year! We can't bear to let it go just yet... So I thought I'd include a few little pictures of our home :)

A sofa big enough for just about the whole family... It can also double up as a bed if you push the pufee towards it, which is the main reason we got it (plus I wanted a grey corner sofa so desperately and this was the closest we could find that wasn't over the £1000 mark!)

We have this really annoying little corner where you can see all the cables and wires for the tv, so I got a little basket from Aldi (either £14.99 or £15.99 for this size and a little smaller one) I thought it was perfect to put our throws and blankets in and hide them ugly wires.

We got this little unit for our living room from Ikea, there is normally two PlayStation 4's there but Joe's is in the bedroom, not quite sure why there's a little pile of games there, it's actually driving me crazy looking at this picture because it's not where they belong - I've become quite the organisation and cleaning freak since moving in, I think I'm sending Joe a little crazy over it.

This unit is from Homebase, but you can also get a shiny version from Ikea :) this is kind of where we keep the things which don't have a home such as my 21st birthday sash/body banner thing, toiletry bags for when we stay away etc, I tried to make them look a little more homely with some photos, top left is from Skegness last October and bottom right is a very old Christmas picture of me and my sister! I'm not very good at interiors and making things homely as you'll gather... 

There's a smaller version too which we just have each side of the bed, for now, I just wish they sold baskets which actually fit inside them properly... 

Little cute candles from Asda a while back, just popped on our living room windowsill as it's quite long so we try to add a few things to make it a little more interesting.

Well... You are supposed to put a picture in the love heart/O but I kinda haven't done that because how can you without the photo looking ridiculous? No one has noticed yet...

Lily's are my ultimate favourite, even if they do make a right mess when they start to die, but they really tie the living room together and make it look ever so pretty and homely. 

This is my favourite part of the whole flat! I just think it's so instagramable haha! typical woman aye, but it just looks all put together and makes it at least seem like I have this whole adult thing altogether...

It's also my 22nd birthday next Saturday and me and Joe are heading to London for a long weekend, so I'll see you all very soon with some more pictures of what we get up too!

Jess xx

Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Little Of What's On My Mind....

So Hey... This post is a little out my comfort zone, simply because I'm speaking more about what's on my mind than about a product, also if you haven't noticed from my previous posts, I'm not the best at getting my thoughts down so let's give it a whirl.

Life can be difficult and things often get in the way, right? Well, we let them get in the way..often I say oh I'll leave exercising tonight because work has been so hectic and I'm so tired I can't physically do it... No Jess you're using your job as an excuse, stop!! Our physical being is just as important as our mental being, sometimes we need a break and that's okay too, but we must try to look after ourselves as much as possible and I myself need to take a leaf out of my own book.

Taking time for ourselves is another thing which I totally suck at, and a lot of us probably do too. Sometimes a little alone time, may that be reading a book, exercising, yoga, meditating, drawing, colouring, any hobby you may have or something you may enjoy doing, just simply take out 5 minutes of your day and slowly increase it every few days or even a weeks time, you'll thank yourself for it later. 

Learn to appreciate your surroundings, I'm a sucker for taking pictures of my surroundings, the sky, people I'm with - people are probably sick of seeing my family, the dogs and Joe on snapchat! (add me! jesshayesx) but I see it as some day we won't remember all that we have done, and my memory is atrocious as it is which is why I started up a scrapbook, every now and then I print off my pictures using a phone app and stick them down as a little keepsake photo album with my own little touch - don't get me wrong I haven't done a lot this year so I have not a lot to print off but hopefully next year and the last few months of this year will make it a little fuller than it is now. 

LOVE!! I can't express this enough, show love more! tell those around you how you feel about them, show them how happy you are to be spending time with them, don't take them for granted and stop doing all the special important things. It could be a family member, friend, partner, colleague, let them know and feel valued, praise them, thank them, you'll make them feel so good about themselves. Just ask yourself one question - what more could I do to make someone happy?

This post was more to get what was on my mind written down and give my brain a little bit of a break so I do apologise for rambling on about things that may not even interest you, but if you read till the end, I hope it helps and that it got you thinking too. 

See you soon my lovelies 
Jess xxxx

Sunday, 13 August 2017

July Favourites 2017

Hellooooo everyone! Soon this is a little late for a July Favourites but I've been a busy bee at work, I've recently moved to another branch and I'm settling into my new job role which is exciting!
Something else exciting has happened... I PASSED MY THEORY TEST!! Finally!!! So I've also started driving lessons and I'm so excited to hopefully pass my driving test and be on the road!
Anyway, let's crack on, shall we?

 Where has July even gone?! How are we in August already? It's been an interesting month and the happiest I have been in a long long time so I'm putting July in my favourites as it's been a real eye opener and made me think a lot more and not take so much for granted, you never know what's around the corner.

My love for converse has come back with a hit, every single day that I go out and do something, I automatically just pick my converse, partially my white ones as they go with absolutely everything! (Picture below is an outfit I wore to a get together at Joe's moms and the converse just made the outfit so much much comfy and laid back) I also wear black leather converse for work as my converse obsession continues. 

I am loving this bag! It's from Primark and was literally £10... £10!!! they come in this peachy nudey colour, black and grey; I love it so much, it can hold just the right amount of stuff inside, it has a pocket inside with a zip, and then two without a zip which are very convenient - this is my everyday bag and it's so much more convenient than just carrying about a bag in the crook of my arm - Game changer!

It also has a pocket ton the front with a rose gold/copper zip, one pocket is real and the other is more for show (the bottom one) and it's a very convenient place to put your keys!

I got new glasses! Two new pairs actually...They're from glasses direct and I love them, you get 30% off as a new customer and you also get emails with codes for discounts which I think is amazing  - I love my new glasses but I just need to get in the habit of wearing them more because I should actually be wearing them right now whilst on my Macbook buuuuut they're over the other side of the room and you know, this girl lazy. 

See you soon!!
Jess xx

Sunday, 16 July 2017

New Purchase!

Soo... I may have made a sneaky little purchase without my O/H knowing until a few days after it had arrived.. Quite good going I must say😏

My earphones have been irritating me recently, I have two pairs and the one hurt my ears after a while and the other pair tend to fall out every time I move... annoying..
 So I looked on Amazon for some wireless headphones as I gathered, no annoying wires either! Win-Win situation, am I right?

Of course I chose the pretty Rose Gold colour to match my iPhone and Macbook (Oh so materialistic) but hey if you're going to buy something.. it must match right?! That's the reason I'm using to justify it! Plus it was the nicest colour... 
These are the headphones that I brought: Wireless headphones

They come with a little leaflet to explain how to set them up and what all the buttons do, and what each of the wires are for. Upon opening I did discover that not only did I receive a wire to charge my headphones but also a wire to use them as just ordinary headphones which I was quite impressed with - they seem to have thought about everything!

The earphones can fold away nicely to fit into your bag to store away which is a nice added bonus, another reason which made me keen to purchase these headphones. The sound is amazing given the price of them, the sound given makes them seem a lot higher priced than what they are.

The headphones come with buttons on the side to turn them on/off, skip songs, higher volume, change between mp3 and radio (added bonus, again) and also to accept calls. 

I am very impressed with my new headphones and can see myself getting lots of use out of them too, they're beautiful in colour and sound amazing too. 
I highly recommend if you're looking for some new headphones which won't break the bank.

See you soon!
Jess xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

All New Skincare.

 Soo, recently I have found I'm breaking out so much and my skin is looking oh so terrible, I remember seeing either on youtube or someone's instagram the GinZing facial scrub, so off I headed to the Origins website... and done some damage to my bank account. 
That being said, first thing I added to my basket was the GinZing Facial Scrub which is £15.50 it smells so lovely and really wakes your skin up and makes it a whole lot brighter, one of my new favourites and one which I find myself grabbing for every morning.

Next up is Deep Pore Cleanser With Saw Palmetto and Mint which is £16.50 I love this face wash too! I struggle with oily skin and since using this I can say that has been n o where near as oily as it was, I'm not as keen on the smell of this one as the other one prior, but I still love it.

I was a little naughty with this purchase as I had no intentions of buying it but once I saw how much it should be in comparison to how much it was... I couldn't resist. 
Day & Night Refreshers the whole collection is worth over £70 but as a set is £36.50 so I couldn't resist! 

I haven't yet tried anything out of the set other than the Ginzing Eye Cream as I already have a tub of it, and it is the best day cream I have ever used, it makes my eyes look and feel refreshed and is amazing! it lasts a long long time because the tub is fairly large and you only need a little!

Jess xx

Sunday, 2 July 2017

I'm Home!

Guess who’s back, back again.
Jess’s back, tell a friend.
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back. 

Yes, okay, I'm a terrible blogger, I come and I go, I use the excuse of 'oh I have too much too do' or 'too busy!' but let's be real, I'm not... I'm just extremely lazy. This must change! I love to blog, I just need to pour my heart back into it and get going again.

So Hi! For those of you who may not know me, I'm Jess! (the terrible blogger) but that will change in time, trust me this time :) anywaaaay, so what have I being doing since I've been away from the ol' blogging life I hear you ask? Welllllll, I moved out! Me and the boyf are now renting our own flat, it's not huge, nor small, it's a good size for the two of us and I loooove it!

I did lose my way with the whole exercising and mission hot-bod but i'm hoping to be back on it soon, because I'm just not feeling confident or happy with my whole body image thing that's going on.. I'll keep you posted on any progress (if any lol).

Hopefully my next blog post will be a little more interesting, see you soon!

Jess xx