Monday, 23 October 2017

A 22nd Birthday in London

So I thought I'd include pictures from my time in London, so have a scroll through, have a nosey, but first things first, MY PINK HAIR!! It's kinda faded now but I loved it!
There are not too many pictures of me because after seeing the pictures of me in Madam Tussaud's with my pal Shrek, it kind of put me on a downer and I didn't want my photo taken, don't get me wrong I'm bloated,  but I didn't realise I had put on that much weight, so now I'm working on that and my health :)

Birthday Vodka and lemonade, yummy, whilst sitting on a river with some chips. Perfect.

I can't thank Joe enough for making my adventure memorable but he knows how grateful I am, especially for the amazing hotel!