Sunday, 13 August 2017

July Favourites 2017

Hellooooo everyone! Soon this is a little late for a July Favourites but I've been a busy bee at work, I've recently moved to another branch and I'm settling into my new job role which is exciting!
Something else exciting has happened... I PASSED MY THEORY TEST!! Finally!!! So I've also started driving lessons and I'm so excited to hopefully pass my driving test and be on the road!
Anyway, let's crack on, shall we?

 Where has July even gone?! How are we in August already? It's been an interesting month and the happiest I have been in a long long time so I'm putting July in my favourites as it's been a real eye opener and made me think a lot more and not take so much for granted, you never know what's around the corner.

My love for converse has come back with a hit, every single day that I go out and do something, I automatically just pick my converse, partially my white ones as they go with absolutely everything! (Picture below is an outfit I wore to a get together at Joe's moms and the converse just made the outfit so much much comfy and laid back) I also wear black leather converse for work as my converse obsession continues. 

I am loving this bag! It's from Primark and was literally £10... £10!!! they come in this peachy nudey colour, black and grey; I love it so much, it can hold just the right amount of stuff inside, it has a pocket inside with a zip, and then two without a zip which are very convenient - this is my everyday bag and it's so much more convenient than just carrying about a bag in the crook of my arm - Game changer!

It also has a pocket ton the front with a rose gold/copper zip, one pocket is real and the other is more for show (the bottom one) and it's a very convenient place to put your keys!

I got new glasses! Two new pairs actually...They're from glasses direct and I love them, you get 30% off as a new customer and you also get emails with codes for discounts which I think is amazing  - I love my new glasses but I just need to get in the habit of wearing them more because I should actually be wearing them right now whilst on my Macbook buuuuut they're over the other side of the room and you know, this girl lazy. 

See you soon!!
Jess xx