Sunday, 14 August 2016

GHD Platinum.

I think this may be a new record for me... Second week in a row with a new post!! Yay for effort! Lol, I'm lame I know.

Them Sunday blues are starting to kick in already, the dreaded thoughts of having to get up early to an alarm the next day ready for work, luckily I break up for a week on Friday; we have no plans whatsoever but everyone needs a break, right? I certainly do anyway, it has been far too long since my last one!

Anywaaaaay, back to the whole point of this post; GHD Platinum Hair Straighteners. I've always been very very loyal to the brand Babyliss, every hair electronic that I have owned, has always been one of theirs, until recently after years of using their straighteners I realised that my hair just isn't staying straight throughout the day and it takes far longer than it should to straighten it on a morning.

My first thoughts were "noooo please don't tell me my beloved straighteners are on there way out" *sob* but enough was enough, I refuse to spend longer than needed straightening my hair for work especially when it wasn't even lasting throughout the day.

So my lovely partner Joe treated me to a pair of GHD Platinum Hair Straighteners, growing up I was always made to believe that these frazzle and damage your hair so I was a little naïve to have all that money spent on something that ruins my hair.

Oh boy was I wrong; they are genuinely the best straighteners I have ever used... and I've probably used more than your average person. They glide through your hair with no tugging and leave your hair as straight as a ruler. They're a little chunkier than previous straighteners that I have owned but I'm quickly getting used to that and adjusting to the change.

I also had a quick little go at curling a few pieces of hair with them to see if they measure up to the standards previously set by other straighteners... Once again they do not disappoint.

They have a little built in light around the on/off switch which lights up once you turn them on, it even sings a little song for you when you turn them on/off.

Normally I'd go for a black finish, but for some reason something has been drawing me away from black recently, from clothes to bags to well, straighteners. They had the option of either black, white or pink, so I chose white. (Plus is matches my bedroom lol, told you I was lame) They also come with a little heatproof guard they you place over the plates for travelling and storage purposes.

I also ordered the GHD Heat Protectant to work alongside these to help protect my hair, because truth is, it doesn't matter too much about the brand or electronic, it's how you protect your hair against the heat that they give, and these lovelies and going to be in my every day routine for a long while now and I'm so glad I finally gave up my 6-7 year old Babyliss straighteners.

See you soon!

Jess xx

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