Monday, 14 November 2016

I'm A Little Late...

My original plan was to upload this just after my birthday... It's now exactly a month since my birthday... Oops, time got a bit away from me there.

Well for my birthday, which was the big 2 1, Joe booked for us to go Skegness for a few days, this was also my first time on a train so I was a little less than terrified... 🙈🙈

I thought I'd leave my pictures from our mini break here, for memories and somewhere for me to look back and smile... Be prepared there's a lot of posing for the camera and silly faces, but we had the best time and such lovely quality time together, just what we needed.

We had the best time and loved exploring, our hotel was quite a walk away from everything so it's safe to say our legs and feet were sore, but we did lots of walking to make up for all the calories eaten with greasy food and ice cream! (Joe also vapes a lot, hence the clouds in some pictures!)

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