Tuesday, 22 November 2016

25 Facts About Me

This is me and I just thought I'd do a little post to help you get to know me a little better, I saw this circling around youtube and thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Having a chilled Tuesday night with a glass of lime cordial and a belly full of chicken pie and chips and I'm ready to get going, so lets go.

  1. Full name - My full name is Jessica Ann Hayes 
  2. Zodiac sign - Libra but I have heard that they've changed recently so I think that makes me a virgo, although I could be wrong
  3. 3 Fears - Starting this one a little morbid, I'm terrified of dying, I have a loving family and partner and the thought of losing it is such a horrible feeling, I know I wouldn't be here to know any different but you know... My second fear is confined spaces, I panic.. a lot. Last but not least is spiders, they make my skin crawl, although I'm getting better and can now move them myself... with a glass, not my bare hands. 
  4. 3 things I love - Lipstick, Joe says I have too many but of course I disagree, I also love dogs and cuddling up to them, playing with them and seeing their cute little face get excited when you walk through the door, and the last thing I love is my job, it's challenging working within a nursery but it's also very rewarding and seeing how you help children develop... worth all the stress.
  5. My best friend - Joe of course!
  6. Last song I listened to - Olly Murs - Grow up
  7. 4 Turns ons - Being kind even just holding the door open for you, a gentleman, light touches just to remind you they're still there and being tidy both within yourself and where you live. Joe's still working on keeping tidy... 
  8. 4 Turn offs - Being rude, negativity, swearing (Joe!!) and bad breath, it's just a no.
  9. What colour underwear I'm wearing right now - Blue
  10. How many tattoos/piercings I have - I have my ears pierced and three little tattoos, a chinese symbol on the left wrist which means family and then one on either arm above my ditch with mo mom/dad's birth date in roman numerals.
  11. The reasons why I started a blog - Somewhere to write, think, my own space.
  12. How I feel right now - Great actually, I'm on top of the world and very happy.
  13. Something I really, really want - Everyone who knows me knows that we're saving for a house and I'm so excited. 
  14. My current relationship status - Happily engaged. 
  15. Meaning behind my URL - I'm not very creative so just stuck to my name... Boring I know.
  16. My favourite movie - The holiday and my all time favourite - Shrek!
  17. My favourite songs - She will be loved, will always be an all time favourite.
  18. My favourite bans - beginning to like Little Mix a little more...
  19. 3 things that upset me - Seeing dogs strolling the streets on their own, seeing elderly people without any family, my moms tears
  20. 3 things that make me happy - I absolutely love to bake, especially when people enjoy what I've made, also making others happy and seeing a smile on their face and last but not least, spending time with loved ones
  21. What I find attractive in other people - Main one if being able to make me laugh, from day one Joe's made me laugh, even when we argue it ends in laughter.
  22. Someone I miss - My Grandad and Great Nan, I would do anything for one more conversation with them.
  23. Someone I love - I can't simply name one, family are everything.
  24. My relationship with my parents - We have a very good, honest, open relationship and I hope in the future that I have the same with my children.
  25. My favourite holiday - I love going to Weymouth, so many memories, but I also want to go back to Skegness sometime, me and Joe had such a good time for my 21st.
There we have it, 25 things about me! Maybe some time I could do another 25, sooner rather than later? We shall see!

See you soon, Jess xx

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