Sunday, 16 July 2017

New Purchase!

Soo... I may have made a sneaky little purchase without my O/H knowing until a few days after it had arrived.. Quite good going I must say😏

My earphones have been irritating me recently, I have two pairs and the one hurt my ears after a while and the other pair tend to fall out every time I move... annoying..
 So I looked on Amazon for some wireless headphones as I gathered, no annoying wires either! Win-Win situation, am I right?

Of course I chose the pretty Rose Gold colour to match my iPhone and Macbook (Oh so materialistic) but hey if you're going to buy something.. it must match right?! That's the reason I'm using to justify it! Plus it was the nicest colour... 
These are the headphones that I brought: Wireless headphones

They come with a little leaflet to explain how to set them up and what all the buttons do, and what each of the wires are for. Upon opening I did discover that not only did I receive a wire to charge my headphones but also a wire to use them as just ordinary headphones which I was quite impressed with - they seem to have thought about everything!

The earphones can fold away nicely to fit into your bag to store away which is a nice added bonus, another reason which made me keen to purchase these headphones. The sound is amazing given the price of them, the sound given makes them seem a lot higher priced than what they are.

The headphones come with buttons on the side to turn them on/off, skip songs, higher volume, change between mp3 and radio (added bonus, again) and also to accept calls. 

I am very impressed with my new headphones and can see myself getting lots of use out of them too, they're beautiful in colour and sound amazing too. 
I highly recommend if you're looking for some new headphones which won't break the bank.

See you soon!
Jess xx

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