Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kate Moss - Lasting Finish Lipstick

What girl doesn't love a good lipstick, am I right? I'll hold my hands up and admit that I'm getting a little, well obsessed and my collection is rapidly increasing (cheeky monkey emoji). Although I may have a few too many lipsticks, I tend to always go for the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish as they're budget friendly and just a brilliant lipstick. 

They are by far my favourite lipsticks with so many amazing shades to choose from and only £5.49 who wouldn't want to make this addition to their lipstick family? They are such an amazing product, super moisturising and glide straight onto the lips, they give a superb colour payoff and have s good staying power. 

Their packaging is pretty basic and simple, but I quite like the simplicity, the standard packaging is black with Kate written on the lid. Other shades mah have a nude casing and others a red. I find them to be such a gorgeous lipstick. 

I have my own little collection which is growing without fail, with such lovely colours and shades it's hard to resist when they catch my eye... They have good staying power but probably not as durable as the MAC lipsticks, but I am still yet to try them out... I know, shame on me!

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