Sunday, 20 September 2015

Motivation, Self-confidence and Feeling Low.

Everybody goes through tough times and feeling low, it just takes a little bit of positivity and the right mindset to get through it. It can be hard when you do not feel in control of your life and it can cause you to become distracted by other things happening around you, before you know it, it all just becomes too overwhelming. So here is a list of some pointers just to help you get on the right track, and is also what I use to help myself maintain or get back into a positive mindset.

Nobody is perfect.
No matter what anyone looks like from the outside, everyone has their own issues, whether or not if they show it. Everybody always has down time in their life.

It's okay to admit how you feel.
This is often the first step to getting back into a positive mindset, and admitting how you feel and talking about it will make it a lot easier for you, find someone who you can trust to talk too. 

Don't compare yourself to others.
Everyone has their own quirks and abilities, and I know myself how hard it is to not focus on the bad things and to look at others and begin to compare yourself to them. You will never be that person, look at yourself and how you can better yourself. Be the better version of yourself.

Take a step back.
This is important. Set a side a day in the week to reflect and look back on your week, this helps to reset your motivation and see how far you have come.

Get organised.
Things such as writing lists or writing diaries can make you feel more in control of your life as you know what you need to do and when for causing less stress in the long run as you slowly become more motivated.

Train yourself to think positively.
Positive thinking is something that either comes naturally or does not, depending on your personality, but you should always step back and try to see the positive outcome in everything as it helps you drastically and you see that things are not all that bad at all.

Surround yourself with positive people.
You shouldn't be around people who bring you down as it will never be a good thing, surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and positive and bring out the best in you.

Make a routine for yourself. 
If you do similar things each day you feel more organised and it provides more motivation for you as you'll get into a habit of doing things and your life isn't like a yo-yo. No matter where you are or what you're doing try to add some kind of morning or nighttime routine into your day to try and ground yourself.

This is just my view and from my personal experience, this has helped me and I hope it will help others too!

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